Friday, November 28, 2008

1/100 GN0000 00 Gundam Pelvis Mod!!!

New mod found to increase the articulation of 1/100 gundam 00.

Recently, a modeler named Aya Tamabo has separated the pelvis of 1/100 Gundam 00 that is said to be molded together with the stomach of it! This action has enabled the 00's pelvis and stomach to be able to rotate independently (although it still cant bend forward and backward, it's still better than the original... ^^;)

Let's have a review.

oot8.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^Wow, a really fine clean cutting work to me ^^ The centre part of the seperated pelvis is filled with putty and pla-plate. The part below the stomach is also moded using putty and pla-plates. The injection part below the stomach is made by using the runner material i think (it looks like blue to me so i just guess it ^^;)... It has to be putty and pla-plated to let the shape maintain and able to hold the weight of the body...

oot7.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^Notice that the right arm shoulder joint's hole has been covered using pla-plate. It looks pretty nicer to me but I wonder this mod will reduce the ability of the arm to turn and bend forward?

oot6.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^Yea the part is closed completely by the pla-plate. What would happen? I don't know honestly...

oot5.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^The joint part for the GN drive and the back thruster has hole and is covered using putty too. Well there's still a hole beside there and I wonder he/she will cover that too?

All images from AYATAMABO BLOG.

Holiday Plans.... EDITED

Holiday plans finally came out~!

**These is just rough plans and they are not according to order... just splits out whatever that crossed my mind at the moment ^^;

1) Find a part time work to earn some money...
2) Sell gundam and figurines related stuff in net...
3) Buy Air Brush Set...
4) Get those tools needed for 'complete serious model kit modeling'
5) Get myself a self-build booth for AB...
6) Get my driving and motor license...
7) Go KL to celebrate Christmas and Comic Fiesta 2008...
8) Get myself a Xbox360/PS3 and a HD TV too (still not sure whether to get it so soon yet)...
9) Decide which course to take next year

Kinda lots of plan actually for just a 4 months holiday ^^; busy busy busy~ Gotta ganbatte for it, yo~!

Oh by the way, i have started to build my HG gundams. Well i planned to snap fit it 1st, sand and cement it, then surfacer, sand if needed, surfacer again and paint after i got my air brush set ^^

Right now, im still in cut, trim and sanding process.

DSC00713.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^Current process... still going on...

DSC00714.jpg picture by edwardgsk

DSC00715.jpg picture by edwardgsk

DSC00722.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^Bandai use quite much clear parts recently... all started since 00 series HG is released...
Clear green or UV green paint would be nice for it...

EDITED: Finish cutting and trimming the parts already.

ABCD0014.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^Quite a number of parts in this kit ^^

While waiting for my Air brush set to arrive, i will go on with the other kits 1st. This will be kept back into box until then. Next will be....


ABCD0015.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^Hehe... HG madness recently
Reasons : Save money save space save time to build... ^^;

Gotta rest awhile from it.... hand started to feel pain ad ^^;

Till then ^^;

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Yea SPM over~!

11 subject all over... and my life is going to change at last. World of History, Biology and Chemistry has just ended and world of Gunplas, plamos, figurines, animes, mangas and university is just started.

Updates for this blog will be frequent from now onwards as i got more time to look for news and also typing ^^;

A lots of my gunplas building progress will be updated here as well starting from now. So in the middle of the process i will like to get comments from all my blog readers.

Next upcoming post will be about my plans during this holiday before i get my result on next march.

Oh by the way, i will also be selling gundam kit too during this holiday as part time work. All range of gunplas are included as well as Revoltechs and Figmas. Gundam tools are included too...

That's all for now.

Monday, November 24, 2008

1/100 00 gundam and HG seravee gundam...

1/100 00 Gundam and HG 1/144 Seravee are officially out in Japan!! Some maniacs managed to get them on hand and did some previews on them ^^; check' hem out ^^

^Having lots of same features (lesser actually T.T) as the HG version when the lighting effect of the Twin Drives is not included in the picture.

^The "engine" of the GN Drive is revealed.

In terms of parts, 00 (top) is one runner less of 1/100 Exia (bottom), and I included PC-7 (the runner with just six polycaps) into the calculation for 00. The price of 00 is 500 Yen more than Exia. 00 has lesser weapon than Exia but LED is included though.

Apart from the reviews mentioned in this previous posting, and this one, interested folks can also check out the review on Hatena Diary.

^Many nice shooting pose with the new bazookas ^^

^The parts for the rear thrusters of Seravee looks like something....

A review on HG Seravee can be found on Hatena Diary.


 ^kinda plain looking without paint work and panel lining lines ^^;







^Articulation of Seravee seems's to have improved from Virtue.... Good news!

^Images from Hatena Diary.

Also, BB Senshi Sangokuden fans who are interested in the Shusou Doven Wolf can have a look at a straight assembled version done by Lifezoids.

^My friend will love this^^

^Images from Lifezoids.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hobby Japan January Issue ( Robo Damashii news)

Some news updates about Robo Damashii's release date and price...

^O-Raizer's colour has been revealed haha~ ^^

- Gadessa - 12cm tall. Release date & price TBA
- Cherudim - Late November release, 2,940 Yen (inclusive of tax).
- GN Flag - Late November release, 2,310 Yen (inclusive of tax).
- O Raizer - Late December release, 1,365 Yen (inclusive of tax).
- Ahead - Late January release, 2,625 Yen (inclusive of tax).
- GN-XIII A-Laws Type - Mid February release, 2,625 Yen (inclusive of tax).
- Mr. Bushido's Customized Ahead - Late February release, 2,625 Yen (inclusive of tax).
- GN Archer - Late February release, 2,625 Yen (inclusive of tax).
- Arios + GN Archer DX Set - Late February release, 5,250 Yen (inclusive of tax).
- Turn-X - Late February release, 3,150 Yen (inclusive of tax).

^SDX Full Armor Gundam - Late March release, 6,090 Yen (inclusive of tax). Very cute ^^!!

^Magnetic Scout Gundam (M.S.G.) Gundam Double O - Featuring all four Gundams from Gundam Double O Season 2. Gundam 00 has Trans-Am mode coloring.
February release, 200 Yen each.

All images from Toysdaily and CyberGundam.

Besides those above, Gundam Dot Info has a coverage tips on how to upgrade the articulation of 1/144 full kit Gundam Rasiel included in the January issue of Dengeki Hobby. Try!

^Quite simple i think, even modeler with little experience in modifying Gunplas can try it out. Thanks a lot to Dengeki Hobby for designing such a feature in this full kit through(sarcastic ways...). ^^;

Get ready some spare polycaps parts for the mod... ^^;

All images from Gundam Dot Info.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Updates News from Dengeki Hobby

Some updates on upcoming kit and magazine scans....

MG Ver.ka Shinanju!!!! (^^)

^Very very great kit to buy for sure!! Golden Foil sticker revealed. Decal and Stickers are there as well...

**A special weapon(bazooka-like ^^;) will be included for the Vol.8 novel!! As in my prediction hehe ^^... April release

MG G Fighter - January release, 5,880 Yen (inclusive of tax).

1/100 O Raizer - December release, 1,680 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Action Display Base Celestial Beings Ver. - December release, 735 Yen (inclusive of tax).

1/100 00 Raizer - December release, 5,250 Yen (inclusive of tax).

HG 1/144 O Raizer - January release, 840 Yen (inclusive of tax).

^Comes with a display stand, connector for the GN Sword II(s), and the Blade Shield. Lol i din't expect the connector and the shield to come together with the O-Raizer... ^^;

HG 1/144 Arios Gundam - December release, 1,575 Yen (inclusive of tax).
HG 1/144 GN Archer - January release, 840 Yen (inclusive of tax).

^HG 1/144 GN Archer is 840 Yen, not 1,260 Yen.

HG 1/144 Mr. Bushido's Customized Ahead - December release, 1,260 Yen (inclusive of tax).
HG 1/144 Gadessa - January release, 1,575 Yen (inclusive of tax).

1/100 Cherudim - January release, 2,730 Yen (inclusive of tax).

HCM-Pro 63-00 Arios + GN Archer DX Set - January release, 4,200 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Gundam Double O mecha and character design: (spoiler spoiler!! ^^;)

^Ali's unit, GNW-20000 Arche Gundam. Looks so like Zwei...

^Official name is O Raizer now, not Riser or Raiser.

^Gundam 00 MSV #12: MSJ-06II-ED Tieren Zhizhu from 00V. Lol i hate the design lar...

And besides, Dengeki Hobby Web has posted several scans for the upcoming January issue.

^Useful tips on upgrading Rasiel's articulation... For pro (T-T)...

Also from Dengeki Hobby, Gundam SEED Frame Astray Vol. 2 will be released on November 26th at 1,365 Yen (inclusive of tax). It's compilation of all the nice Gunpla work from the series in previous volumes of Dengeki Hobby. Hehe...

* Vol. 1 was out sometime ago, priced at 1,260 Yen (inclusive of tax).

All images from Toysdaily. Scans from Dengeki Hobby Web.