Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Updates on Bakuc 2008 Winner List (Incomplete)

Again, the winner list for the Bakuc 2008 at Sg. Wang recently (Incomplete ^^;)


Expert Cat.:
Champion - Erix / Unicorn
1st Runner-up - Dreamhaw / Zaku vs. Hildorf diorama

Open Cat.:
Champion - Rayloke / Zaku head dio.
1st Runner-up - / PG Strike
2nd Runner-up - Klay / HG Qubeley

Open Cat. Merit Prize:
- Qiyang / MG Sazabi
- / Green color space battleship
- doh.gif

New Challenger:
Champion - Entau / Wing Zenon HID 12K
1st Runner-up - Julius Lim / Shinanju
2nd Runner-up - / Blue Kyrios

SD 3 Kingdom:
Champion - Syahizar / Guan Yu

SEED Frame Astray:
Champion - / Gold Gouf Ignited

Junior Cat.:
Champion - ?
2nd - ?
3rd - ?

Best coloring:
Champion - Kenji / Zhao Yun on horse

Best Mod.:
Champion - Zero-G Groupbuild / SD football

Weird la... that awesome Z'Gok didn't win anything???

lolz... some good modelers out there din't win anything although their entries are very good too!

As one of the forumer in Lyn said some time ago:
"The fellow judges like mee goreng (fried mee) but they give nasi goreng (fried rice), how to win like that?..." ^^;

user posted image

^Scratch build work by professional using MG Sazabi frame... thumbs up^^

Report and image by ShinAsakura.

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