Sunday, November 16, 2008

1/100 GN0000 00 Gundam

1/100 00 still a few days from it's release date but some folks from Japan already got it!!! lol!

These are some reviews from them...

^Eh?! I saw saber's beam used for MG up there ^^; lol where is the extended beam saber for the GN-Sword II???

^Quite good articulation design for body part ^^ the right picture looks like MG too hehe...

^Shoulder joint looks like MG from Seed series too ^^

Head design looks alike the 1/144 HG version 00's ^^;

^Folks, an LED mod seems possible for the head.... I can bet there's a lot space in there..

^Arm design... not many parts thou...

^As compared to the 1/144 HG 00, they looks the same...

Most interesting part of the kit! LED-ed GN Drive!! Some wiring inside there ^^;

^Diversion part for the light... (1 > 3)

^The switch for the LED ^^

^Leg design... with the articulation design for the feet part, i wonder how Bandai is going to make the design for the MG so the feet can bend too....

^Almost 180 degree bend... very impressive ^^

^Lol, what the heck?! Why Bandai use ball joint for the 1/100 00's leg? For 1/144 HG they already the the straight double-injection joint... Less articulation for 1/100 already this time for sure T-T

^1/100 comparing with 1/144...
-more bulky GN-Drive design
-smaller head
-longer V-fins
-lousier articulation for the leg ><;

^Recently Bandai really pays attention to the colour provided don't u think? Colour errors have been minimized to the minimum even for 1/144 HG! Good sign ^^

^Seems that Bandai really already forgot bout the extension beam for the GN-Sword II T-T

^Btw, nice design overall.... what u guys think ^^? Too bad no more extensive exterior design for 00 Season 2 1/100 kit T-T

All images from Absolute Gunpla

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