Monday, November 24, 2008

1/100 00 gundam and HG seravee gundam...

1/100 00 Gundam and HG 1/144 Seravee are officially out in Japan!! Some maniacs managed to get them on hand and did some previews on them ^^; check' hem out ^^

^Having lots of same features (lesser actually T.T) as the HG version when the lighting effect of the Twin Drives is not included in the picture.

^The "engine" of the GN Drive is revealed.

In terms of parts, 00 (top) is one runner less of 1/100 Exia (bottom), and I included PC-7 (the runner with just six polycaps) into the calculation for 00. The price of 00 is 500 Yen more than Exia. 00 has lesser weapon than Exia but LED is included though.

Apart from the reviews mentioned in this previous posting, and this one, interested folks can also check out the review on Hatena Diary.

^Many nice shooting pose with the new bazookas ^^

^The parts for the rear thrusters of Seravee looks like something....

A review on HG Seravee can be found on Hatena Diary.


 ^kinda plain looking without paint work and panel lining lines ^^;







^Articulation of Seravee seems's to have improved from Virtue.... Good news!

^Images from Hatena Diary.

Also, BB Senshi Sangokuden fans who are interested in the Shusou Doven Wolf can have a look at a straight assembled version done by Lifezoids.

^My friend will love this^^

^Images from Lifezoids.

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