Friday, November 28, 2008

1/100 GN0000 00 Gundam Pelvis Mod!!!

New mod found to increase the articulation of 1/100 gundam 00.

Recently, a modeler named Aya Tamabo has separated the pelvis of 1/100 Gundam 00 that is said to be molded together with the stomach of it! This action has enabled the 00's pelvis and stomach to be able to rotate independently (although it still cant bend forward and backward, it's still better than the original... ^^;)

Let's have a review.

oot8.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^Wow, a really fine clean cutting work to me ^^ The centre part of the seperated pelvis is filled with putty and pla-plate. The part below the stomach is also moded using putty and pla-plates. The injection part below the stomach is made by using the runner material i think (it looks like blue to me so i just guess it ^^;)... It has to be putty and pla-plated to let the shape maintain and able to hold the weight of the body...

oot7.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^Notice that the right arm shoulder joint's hole has been covered using pla-plate. It looks pretty nicer to me but I wonder this mod will reduce the ability of the arm to turn and bend forward?

oot6.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^Yea the part is closed completely by the pla-plate. What would happen? I don't know honestly...

oot5.jpg picture by edwardgsk

^The joint part for the GN drive and the back thruster has hole and is covered using putty too. Well there's still a hole beside there and I wonder he/she will cover that too?

All images from AYATAMABO BLOG.

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